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Health Care Summit Summary

our people hate this
health care bill; let’s start with a
clean slate. everyone
needs equal time to speak. who
cares? look at Rep. Ryan’s hair.


Going To Bed With Wet Hair

My grandmother could never go to bed with wet hair;
She said It made her feel ill and kind of feverish.
She preferred to wash it in the morning then while it
Was still a little damp she coiled it into a snail’s shell
On the back of her head, piercing it and attempting to lock it
Into place with a dozen or more bobby-pins she held in her teeth.
When I was a little girl I dreamed of drawing my hair over one shoulder,
Weaving it into long snakey plaits- like Rapunzel
Or the daughters in the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder-
Allowing it to dry overnight before snipping the bands
The next morning, releasing an ocean of golden waves
To trail enticingly from a tower window.
Usually I lacked the patience to allow my hair to grow;
The few times my hair was long enough to finally braid,
My arms would get too tired to finish it.
These days I’m more accepting of myself and I wear my hair shorter.
But I could never go to bed with still wet hair.
I’ve woken up too many mornings with one side looking starched
While the other was run about in by small children with dirty feet.



I don’t even know your first name
And I’m in love with you.
You’ve such a sense of childlike
Wonder and elan as you
Ask your questions.
You’re not always truthful but
When your eyes sparkle, the hair
Falls boyishly across your forehead,
All is forgiven.
I know there will be cigar ash on the carpet.
I know my poetry book will be coffee stained.
I know I’ll be cleaning chili off your trenchcoat.
But if you bring the cheese and onions,
I’ll bring the saltine crackers and
I won’t kick you out of bed
For getting crumbs
All over the sheets.



I know they’ll send me to “time out”
But I think I’m gonna hit you.
Yep, that’s the rule: you hit, you sit.
Still, I think I’m gonna hit you.
I used my words first but you shook your head “No”
When I said, “May I please have the car?”
I tried again, “Please? Teacher told us to share.”
Nice words haven’t got me real far.
The thing is though I want to play outside
And the teacher is right over there.
Aw, forget the time out.
I’ll wait till you’re not looking
And then I’ll rub snot in your hair.


Here Today, Still Hair Tomorrow

Past our legs, into the apartment, blue cat tip-toes.
An impossible amount of hair shed,
Blue cat goes.