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I must not try to read.
I must not try to read and eat.
I must not try to read and eat at the same time.
I must not try to read and eat at the same time in bed.
I must not try to read and eat at the same time in bed when it means holding the food with just one hand.
That probably goes double if the food is messy and has bits like mushrooms that may fall off on the sheets.
Although the falling bits do leave an aromatic mushroomy cheesy yumminess behind on the sheets.
But their- however temporary- presence means the sheets need to be washed.
And that frees up more time for reading.
I must do the laundry.


Summer Book Dive

Chill of the library floor rose to meet her grateful soles.
(The broken flip flop and its mate now slung in the bag on her back.)
Sunlight and fluorescent light filtered through the stacks-
Playing shadows on her face- as she padded among them.
Distracted by a random idea, she lost her footing;
Plunged headfirst into a pool of deep thought
And was gone.


Yes, I

love grape Bubble Yum.
not a good bookmark though. guess
who’s covering the fine.



I don’t even know your first name
And I’m in love with you.
You’ve such a sense of childlike
Wonder and elan as you
Ask your questions.
You’re not always truthful but
When your eyes sparkle, the hair
Falls boyishly across your forehead,
All is forgiven.
I know there will be cigar ash on the carpet.
I know my poetry book will be coffee stained.
I know I’ll be cleaning chili off your trenchcoat.
But if you bring the cheese and onions,
I’ll bring the saltine crackers and
I won’t kick you out of bed
For getting crumbs
All over the sheets.