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Come with me on a picnic;
Let’s dine without table or chairs.
Come make love in the forest;
Let’s frighten the owls and the bears.
Come swimming in this warm pond;
Let’s leave our clothes here by the tree.
Bad place for you to get leeches-
Come to the ER with me.


Early Discarded

Halfway to the bottom of the dumpster I lie- a bodyless teddy bear.
My head rent from my body by a display of excessive love and possessiveness-
Where was Solomon when my ownership was being disputed?
A poorly marked gift, a fight broke out, I felt a wrenching pain then there were tears all around.
Sure, attempts were made to repair me but while some hurt feelings can be easily mended little bears sometimes cannot.
Father provided distraction in the form of a jolly board game,
While Mother disposed of the disturbing evidence;
That would be me.
Santa promised a little girl would love me and so briefly I held the attention of two.
Who could have predicted I’d be spending Christmas night here among the torn wrappings, coffee grounds, and dozens of walnut shells?


Iambic Pentameter

The smell of cashmere and gasoline rose
From still-warm clothing piled behind the couch.
A lusty fire crackled at the hearth.
On the table stood a pitcher of
Iced coffee. Tiny beads of moisture ran
Down the glasses soaking the tablecloth.
Beside the sofa droplets of sweat formed,
Trickled and pooled like their chilly cousins.

Raccoons prowled through the garbage cans.
A brown bear sent them chittering away.

I think I’ll call my newest knitted scarf
Chiaroscuro since the darker colors and
The light ones pool like shadows and the sun.
The play of variations makes me smile;
The difference makes the effect more intense
Like a frosty glass touched to a steaming back.


The Bear

His anger was like a cave inside of which lay a black bear
That was a very light sleeper.
It was hoped the bear would keep hibernating, would continue to snore until at least spring
But time after time something small-
A misplaced laugh, a garbled facial expression, a poor turn of phrase-
Like an acorn dropping through the branches of a distant tree
Was enough to rouse the bear and to bring him out, marauding and foraging.
Then no one was safe;
The bear would follow the scent of the smallest misdeed- real or imagined-
To the container you had been sold as “bear proof”.
He would batter it until it opened and revealed its treasure
Or until something in a different direction- “Fresh meat over there?”-
Drew his attention away.