I know they’ll send me to “time out”
But I think I’m gonna hit you.
Yep, that’s the rule: you hit, you sit.
Still, I think I’m gonna hit you.
I used my words first but you shook your head “No”
When I said, “May I please have the car?”
I tried again, “Please? Teacher told us to share.”
Nice words haven’t got me real far.
The thing is though I want to play outside
And the teacher is right over there.
Aw, forget the time out.
I’ll wait till you’re not looking
And then I’ll rub snot in your hair.

2 Responses to “Diplomacy”

  1. December 27, 2008 at 12:02

    Haha! Awesome!

    I can completely identify this. Having watched my share of children, and growing up with younger siblings, the “I know I’ll get in trouble, but I’m doing it anyways” mentality is interesting. The dichotomy seems to exist even when we are older – just in a different way. By that time we have gained the idea of shame and become more secretive in our actions.

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