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No Mea Culpa

there are onions all over this burger,
I said, and I ordered it with none.
she stuck out her bottom lip, pouting,
and said, it’s not my fault. blame the
President if I’m incompetent. after
all, I did a good job when I had one.


Today We Learn To Apply Online

Today we learn to apply online. Yesterday,
We created targeted resumes. And tomorrow,
We’ll have acing the interview. But today,
Today we learn to apply online. Columbia Bar
passage requires the aid of specially trained pilots,
And today we learn to apply online.

Suit format to the medium and audience. Proper
Formatting is very important. Echo employers’ words
Without being too obvious. You want them to believe
It’ll be easy for you to fit in. Tillamook particularly
is affected by yearly flooding; It’s located on a flood plain,
It’ll be easy for you to fit in.

Market your specifically matching skills. Communication
Should be kept as impersonal as possible. Removing
Yourself from the equation makes everyone feel better.
No one wants to hear a sad story. Human interaction has caused
a decline in several species of animals on the coast;
No one wants to hear a sad story.

It’ll be easy for you to fit in
If you succeed in removing yourself from the equation-
Without being too obvious- you want them to believe.
Market your specifically matching skills;
Today we learn to apply online.


No Idle Hands

Every day I’m surprised by the diversity and relative insanity of Life
And how these are mirrored by my job.
I fill out a CPS report about one of my girls with a bruised cheek.
Twenty minutes later, I’m leading the Hokey Pokey
Or creating a prototype of a construction paper cat’s face mask.
Then I’m drinking a Mountain Dew,
Chatting on the phone,
Casting on for a scarf.
(I doubt I’ll get far. My recent track record for anything besides dishcloths hasn’t been great.)
I’m talking to my boyfriend.
We’re discussing Norv Turner, farm subsidies, illegal aliens and how to get jobs for the homeless.
Occupying my hands and brain keeps me from sitting and thinking.
It means I don’t have time to start crying.
There’s very little chance to feel helpless about my inability to do anything
For my friend and the man she loves except hold good thoughts
And send up a prayer
And hope that God is not likewise keeping Himself busy
Or will, at least, set his Solitaire deck aside to listen and pay attention.

Poet’s note: I still have the same feelings but this is not a new poem. I left that job and haven’t dated in two years. Two years today, as a matter of fact, my boyfriend and I split up. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Friday Night Six-thirty

My mom probably hasn’t left work yet.
The only other adult is down the hall.
So, since it’s just you and me
Let me ask you…
Why are you here?
They’re still hiring at McDonalds and at Target.
I hear there’s always room at the bank.
You could take customer service classes.
It’s clear you no longer like children.
Mom pays $30 a day-
That’s my excuse-
But why are you here?

Why do you talk to me?
You ask me what I want
But you’re not listening.
I want a cracker.
I want my mom.
I want to go home.
Please go away.
You only want me to do what you want.
I’m just going to scream and say “no”
So why talk to me?

Why can’t we be nice?
I know you’re really tired. I am too.
We’ve both logged a lot of hours.
Maybe we can make a deal.
Give me my binky. You have some coffee.
I’ll share my blanket by the books on the floor.
If you don’t tell Mom I wet my pants,
I won’t say you yelled and cried.
By Monday morning, we’ll both feel better.
I think our secrets will help us start over.
Maybe everyone could be friends here
And that would be…nice.



Every day I’m the last kid at school cuz everyone else got picked up.
The last thing at night you say “Sweet dreams” to me.
(If I’m not already asleep.)
I know you work to feed us and to pay the rent and buy shoes.
And you told me, all day while I’m playing, you have grown-up things to do.
But I’m waiting here now like a dropped laundered sock
That some scatter-brained goof left behind.
How can I believe I’m the first in your heart
When I’m clearly last thing on your mind?