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Going To Jerusalem

I’m going to Jerusalem and I’m going to take
Whatever’s within arm’s reach in my bedroom:
Clearasil, vanilla body spray,
A carton of organic potato-leek soup,
Converse high-tops, Converse low-tops,
And Goldfish and Goldfish and Goldfish.
Graham crackers, oyster crackers,
Leopard print slippers,
A clock radio, a bag of pretzels,
Too short pants let down but never to be hemmed,
A fuschia blouse, a pink plaid cap,
And purses and purses and purses.
A Snuggie, a baby blue Sharpie,
An empty Seattle’s Best can left from the time tried to wean ourselves from Starbucks.
A hand-painted mug, two bottles of name brand grape juice,
Paperback copy of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”,
A dark gray fedora with a lighter gray band
And sock yarn and hat yarn and blue jeans.
How can it be when we played this game as kids
We never thought to pack any of these things?


Wednesday Morning

Rain fell.
It touched the hot covers of the ventilation shafts.
It turned to steam, rising to mix with the other
Rain still falling, mingling like the tears and prayers of
Students making their way to first period exams.


Little Boys/Little Girls

Little Boys
they’re not supposed to
wear Mom’s make-up so how come
girls can shoot toy guns

Little Girls
go on. play doctor
but when you grow up people
will still yell “hey, nurse!”


Road Noise

Swish of cars passing on the street
Squadron of geese arriving from the North
A can of RockStar hisses open
Ricercar del sesto tuono
Tick tick tick of a turn signal
Seagulls and running boys screaming on wet grass


Flush With Contentment

If those who sprinkle when they tinkle
Would be real sweet and wipe the seat
That’d be great.
Some days though…
I’m happy if they just remember to flush.