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Welcome To Our Community Center

Cash/Checks only
Shoes/Shirts required
Appropriate swim attire in the pool.
Children ages 6 and under
Must be accompanied in the pool
Area by an adult 16 years of age or older.
Rock Wall climbers- Minimum age of child is 6.
Rock Wall climbers- Must have a Rock Wall Waiver on file.
Food and drinks are allowed
In classrooms and the lobby only.
Gym shoes required in the gymnasium.
Spectators not allowed in the pool area.
Enjoy your visit;
Please come back again.


Like Christmas

Nina went right up and over the fence.
While I was dithering,
Using a broom and rake as improvised tongs,
Not wanting to set a bad example-
The children hadn’t climbed THAT yet-
She was up and then down.
A moment’s pause to massage the tender parts of her that met the pointy parts of the fence
And she was there beside K’Sean’s boot.
It was the linchpin in a chain of inevitable actions:
K’Sean’s boot falls off
Russell grabs it and runs
A teacher gives chase
The boot is thrown to an almost inaccessible location.
Standing in a pile of similarly fated toys,
She picked up K’Sean’s boot and handed it over the fence.
“Can I have that pink bucket?” Chaylia said.
“Sure. What else do you want?”
They all started shouting out toys.
As fast as they named it, Nina scooped it up and tossed it over the fence.
Toys were flying through the air; It looked like Christmas.
“Say ‘thank you’. Say ‘thank you’,” I bawled; Some did.
Then, except for an old sock, Nina was alone
Surrounded by the fence
Surrounded by the playground of children gleefully discovering their old toys.


The Thomas Malthus Dayschool

Welcome to Thomas Malthus Dayschool-
Yes, the first of its kind in the nation-
Begun with the idea children alone
Could solve the problems of surplus population.

Rudiments of academics are presented
As governing laws insist.
Not the mission of our school
So we adhere to the minimum standards in this.

We serve three meals and snacks each day.
Controllable conditions start out fair.
We check students for outside injuries
Or parasites on their body or hair.

Students who remain viable at the end of the day-
In crude terms, “still standing at five”-
Are assumed to be faster, smarter, and stronger;
They’re better-suited to produce offspring who will thrive.

You might believe such a program to be exclusive
And I’ll confess that’s how Thomas Malthus is
But wait- you should know we have legacy slots available
And especially deserving children somersault to the head of the list.

If you favor education with little adult intrusion;
You want your children competitive, prepared for whatever our country’s future may bring.
I encourage you to apply for space for them at Thomas Malthus.
For the problems we face, you’ll agree it’s just the thing.



I know they’ll send me to “time out”
But I think I’m gonna hit you.
Yep, that’s the rule: you hit, you sit.
Still, I think I’m gonna hit you.
I used my words first but you shook your head “No”
When I said, “May I please have the car?”
I tried again, “Please? Teacher told us to share.”
Nice words haven’t got me real far.
The thing is though I want to play outside
And the teacher is right over there.
Aw, forget the time out.
I’ll wait till you’re not looking
And then I’ll rub snot in your hair.