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Going To Jerusalem

I’m going to Jerusalem and I’m going to take
Whatever’s within arm’s reach in my bedroom:
Clearasil, vanilla body spray,
A carton of organic potato-leek soup,
Converse high-tops, Converse low-tops,
And Goldfish and Goldfish and Goldfish.
Graham crackers, oyster crackers,
Leopard print slippers,
A clock radio, a bag of pretzels,
Too short pants let down but never to be hemmed,
A fuschia blouse, a pink plaid cap,
And purses and purses and purses.
A Snuggie, a baby blue Sharpie,
An empty Seattle’s Best can left from the time tried to wean ourselves from Starbucks.
A hand-painted mug, two bottles of name brand grape juice,
Paperback copy of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”,
A dark gray fedora with a lighter gray band
And sock yarn and hat yarn and blue jeans.
How can it be when we played this game as kids
We never thought to pack any of these things?


The List

Before going home, he checked his e-mail one more time.
Before going home, he shut down his computer and buttoned up his coat.
Before going home, he dropped some letters into the mail slot, walked out of the office, and took the elevator to his car.
On his way home, he dictated letters for tomorrow, contacted suppliers, quizzed his accountant, and sold some shares of stock.
On his way home, he gassed up his car, had the oil and filter changed, drank dangerously bad coffee, ate stale popcorn, and read old magazines.
On his way home, he drank a beer at Shorty’s, rented an action movie, bought a large pizza, and wondered how it got so late.
When he got home, he found the garage door standing open, saw that all the lights were off, and heard his footsteps in the empty house.
When he got home, he read the note that said, “I’ve left you. I’m not sure if you’ll notice” and he couldn’t think what she meant.
When he got home, he sank into the couch and fell asleep with a movie on Tivo and a slice of pizza balanced on his chest.
Yawning his way to the bedroom, he checked the Nikkei Index, turned up the electric blanket, and wondered why he was alone.
On the road to Ulysses, Kansas, she nibbled on some chicken fingers, sang with the Beach Boys, and laughed to herself, “Do you think he misses me yet?”
He woke around 1 am with a feeling of something forgotten, there was a pillow on the bedroom floor, and he went to the study to read his list.
He’s been so busy crossing off items he forgot the most important one of all-
Before going home, it’s good to be sure that what you call home will still be there.