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Ripping The Band-Aid Off, All At Once

The simple truth, Bisou? This is the end.
It seems we are not soulmates after all.
If this were the perfect romance, as you say,
Shouldn’t there be room in your day for me?
For us? Yet here I am alone.
It’s easy to say if we’d met at a
Different time things would flow as smooth as glass.
But if you meet someone perfect for you
and the timing’s off they weren’t perfect, right?
Maybe I should have been more demanding.
Maybe you’d prefer someone with no needs.
Whoever you’re looking for it’s clearly
Not me so I can’t care less who it is.
Still I’ll always treasure the special times:
The first time I saw you across the room;
First time we stayed up talking through the night;
The first time we kissed tentatively then
Later when we really got it right;
The last night we spent in each other’s arms
And U.S. tanks rolled in to free Baghdad.