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Senate Smackdown

Joe L. left his seat; he started to speak
about his health care amendment.
He talked and he blabbed till his time had elapsed
then asked for an additional minute.
But A. Franken cried, “Extension denied!
I’m in charge and you’ve talked much too long!”
McCain rose, looking hurt, said, “I’ve been here since dirt.
I’m not sure what went down but it’s wrong.”

[Dedicated to @kaijuisme who wanted to spend all day rewatching the video of The Showdown but couldn’t.]


Exercise Seven

It’s rough to maintain a regular writing schedule.
Sorting through the shifting strata of detritus
Hoping a hand from Heaven reaches down
Pointing the path to a pen or a marker.
Now all I need is a notebook and then
A large cup of coffee; the caffeine’s a salve
To my poor pounding pate, the brain bouncing inside.
Time to think.
The clock’s hand clicks its cadence ticking down
My free minutes. Meager though they are
I had fantasies of filling them with flights of poesy.
Instead I piddled and prepped. Now procrastination
Has sneakily stolen my solitude and real life
Intrudes upon inspiration. My interval of peace
And tranquility is over. Time to tackle the errands,
The choices, the cacophony of channels chattering in my head.
Deliberately and determinedly detaching myself
From the writing I return to the regularly scheduled program
Of my day.


#55: A Shakespearean Sonnet

Thou canst but hold me Sonnet one more hour
For I must answer Morpheus’ call anon.
Nectar thoughts lie within night’s Jasmine flower
That girds itself ‘gainst a determined dawn.
Morning’s pernicious fingers stealthy creep
Into the Muse’s garden fecund, green;
They roughly rouse Euterpe from her sleep
Seizing delight in snuffing out her dream.
When man is young, beauty’s the needed sprout-
A rosy cheek, verdant laugh, waves of gold;
Then skin turns, limbs do droop, eyelights go out-
Warm summer hath giv’n way to winter’s cold.
It pleaseth Time to make our words go wrong
So heed early and oft the Siren’s song.