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For Some Time Now I’ve Been Going To Bed With Walt Whitman

For some time now I’ve been going to bed with Walt Whitman.
I don’t always wake up with him. More often it’s someone else;
Today it was Jack Prelutsky and Lilian Moore.
But it’s always Walt Whitman I’m bedding down with.
You might suppose because Walter’s gay he’d be a help picking out clothes;
He’s not though- being dead for over a hundred years has caused him to lose track of fashion.
Shopping turns complicated as he wanders through department stores and supermarkets asking of the stock boys “Are you my angel?”
And it’s kind of odd his wanting me to bring him handfulls of grass so he can explain to me what it is.
But he doesn’t leave stray whiskers on my pillowcases,
He doesn’t hog the covers or turn off the electric blanket or put his cold feet on my calves.
On nights that sleep evades me, I lie back in his arms.
He’ll whisper “O Captain! My Captain!” till consciousness fades away.