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Something Like That

Her dad called him “a piece of work”.
Her sister said, “He’ll make you cry.”
Her mother said, “I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking.”
No one told her he was a man who’d do something like that.

Sometimes stop signs were optional.
He never corrected an undercharging bill.
He put cat poop in a business rival’s AC unit.
Did that make him a man who’d do something like this?

He said rude things to and about her friends.
Canceled appointments to have her hair done.
Told her, “Baby, your life would be so empty without me.”
Maybe she should have seen him as a man who’d do something like this.

Now they’re an item on the blotter:
Reporting party says
Her dog died at the vet yesterday and someone picked it up.
They said they were a friend of hers.
She didn’t know who it was.
Today her ex-husband called.
He’s burying the dog; She wants it back.

The cops charged him but laughed.
“Geez, lady. You can’t think this’ll stick.
A skin and soul of Teflon he’s got.
But what did you expect?
He’s a man who’d do something like that.”