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I’m Sorry

I didn’t intend to hurt you feelings like that.
I meant to say those things in a very different way.
I had imagined that before I spoke my piece,
I’d have time to pretty it up;
Choose just the right softening words,
Something appropriately multisyllabic.
Instead you forced the moment,
Startled the extremely rough first draft out of me
And I’m sorry but I don’t believe I should be judged
On something submitted without benefit of time for revision or polishing.
So let’s pretend one of us has just pressed ctrl + z
And try this again later.


Little Boys/Little Girls

Little Boys
they’re not supposed to
wear Mom’s make-up so how come
girls can shoot toy guns

Little Girls
go on. play doctor
but when you grow up people
will still yell “hey, nurse!”


Hormone Imbalance?

My hands bear the marks of my attempts at domesticity:
See where I removed a chunk of thumb, peeling potatoes at 8?
My left index finger warns against slicing cheese in a moving car.
I’ve safely run with scissors; poking a hole with them left this.
Showiest of all is just above my right wrist on the back of the hand.
Yes, I was changing a tire but that’s not what caused the injury.
Not directly anyway.
See, I’d put a sandwich in my oven to heat while I worked on the tire.
Halfway through, I ran up to take it out.
I must have been a little distracted.
That’s the only reason I can imagine that I didn’t notice
I was burning the back of my hand
Against the top inside part of the oven
As I reached in to get the sandwich.
A new cooking scar- this one white and raised- got added to my collection;
From the actual tire changing? Not even a scraped knuckle.
I guess some girls just aren’t meant to live indoors.



gone in two bites,
I lick my frosted lips.
The baker nibbles at me with
His eyes.


Black Swans

They mate for life. Or
do wings clipped so close preclude
soaring through new skies?