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The Hush of Falling Snow in Oro Valley, Arizona

I was asking the waitress for more hot mustard for the pork when she vanished.
I stood up to discover all the staff was gone.
The service was good-
I planned to leave an extravagant tip-
So it disturbed me to think I would have to get my won ton soup elsewhere
Because everyone not in my dining party had been Called Home.
I looked out the window and saw them catching snowflakes on their tongues.
I realized this rapture was not about a miraculous gathering-up
But a miraculous falling down.
Our waitress returned.
She brought more hot mustard.
We took up our chopsticks.
Everyone assumed their previous roles.
But it would be wrong to say “as before”.
Our waitress was one of those who’d rushed outside when the flakes began
And her face was still radiant from her contact with the heavenly visitors.