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Cat wakes midnap to
Wash her face and paws. Oh, cat!
What dirty mischief
Did you make in your dreams that
You need to clean up so soon?


Pick One

Either take her name
Off your bicep or unstake
Your claim on my heart.



Until the Santa Ana winds stop blowing,
Until smog deserts our city skies,
Until the Jacaranda spreads her blue petals
Filling our streets with lush fragrance,
It is not yet spring
And how can I write about love?


Questions And Confidence

“Can you believe there is soup in the kitchen sink?”
My mother poked her head into my room to ask.
“That sounds entirely plausible,” I said, “so, yes.”
“And noodles. Noodles in the kitchen sink drain.”
“That sounds less credible,” I said, “but after all
You are my mother so I choose to believe that too.”
“The next time you are in the kitchen,” she said,
“You can clean all that crap out of the sink and
You can finish loading the dishwasher too.”
“It cheers me to receive that vote of confidence,” I said.
“In a world where our abilities are constantly questioned,
It’s heartening to know my mother believes in me.”
“Never mind all that,” she said, “Hurry yourself along.”
And- because I wanted to be able to savor the sense
Of accomplishment as long as possible- I did hurry along.


Modern Love

Will you be my Valentine?
Gotta take this call; I’ll be back in a minute.
For each one of your kisses, I’ll pay two of mine.
Will you please be my Valentine?
Will you give me your heart and all the love in it?
Sure. Check Google Calendar. Pick a date. We’ll begin it.
So, you will be my Valentine.
Gotta take this call; I’ll be back in a minute.



Crushed butts in the grass remind men
People take the shortest cuts
And in passing leave behind them
Pathways marked with Starbucks cups.

Wait! He says, This is an outrage!
Call a meeting, kvetch and moan.
Gather friends to bag up garbage;
It’s replaced before they’re home.

Surely, there exists an answer-
Can’t each one police himself?
When will these cretins serve justice?
While they’re burning trash in hell.


Early Discarded

Halfway to the bottom of the dumpster I lie- a bodyless teddy bear.
My head rent from my body by a display of excessive love and possessiveness-
Where was Solomon when my ownership was being disputed?
A poorly marked gift, a fight broke out, I felt a wrenching pain then there were tears all around.
Sure, attempts were made to repair me but while some hurt feelings can be easily mended little bears sometimes cannot.
Father provided distraction in the form of a jolly board game,
While Mother disposed of the disturbing evidence;
That would be me.
Santa promised a little girl would love me and so briefly I held the attention of two.
Who could have predicted I’d be spending Christmas night here among the torn wrappings, coffee grounds, and dozens of walnut shells?