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Some Who Wander Are, In Fact, Lost

Driving down dark back roads in the rain,
Looking for the house…of a boy.
He’s one of my daughter’s classmates
And we think his name is “Marcus”
Or maybe not cuz if his name was “Marcus”
Or something like that
Wouldn’t it stick in your memory?
Wait! We’ve found a note-
On a crumpled piece of paper
In the bottom of her right front pocket-
That says his name…is actually “John”
Which makes so much more sense really
Than if his name were “Marcus” and she forgot.
Turns out there is no “Marcus”; there’s only “John”.
Hence the note on the barely readable paper.
And look! Below the name…there’s an address.
Who’d believe it but there’s an address.
And so we’re going to take…one more leap of faith
And we’ll assume the address below the name
Belongs to John and was written there today.
Now we’re driving down dark back roads in the rain,
Looking for the house…of a boy named “John”.


Who Buys These?

I’ll admit it’s been quite a while since I used them
But aren’t condoms intended for having sex with a human?
I ask because today in the prophylactic aisle of my local Safeway-
How appropriate, huh?- I saw something that made me smile
But then it made me wonder if what goes on beneath the covers
Or in a restaurant bathroom or under a tree has changed a lot.
In big letters on the bright yellow background of a smaller box
On the front of a shiny black box of Trojan Magnums was the notation
“Now even warmer.” How hot do you need a condom to become?
If you’re not fornicating with a corpse or using some sort of erotic
Appliance- that is to say bluntly if there’s sufficient man meat
Involved to justify the appellation “Magnum”- shouldn’t there also
Be enough body heat coming from the two of you and not the condom?
(Labeling them according to who’s to receive the pleasure-
Her or both of you as if while she’s receiving pleasure
You’re mentally rearranging spice jars and bored out of your skull-
Is odd and twisted in its own unique way
But I’ll take that up in a different poem on- yes- a different day.)



Cat wakes midnap to
Wash her face and paws. Oh, cat!
What dirty mischief
Did you make in your dreams that
You need to clean up so soon?


Pick One

Either take her name
Off your bicep or unstake
Your claim on my heart.



Until the Santa Ana winds stop blowing,
Until smog deserts our city skies,
Until the Jacaranda spreads her blue petals
Filling our streets with lush fragrance,
It is not yet spring
And how can I write about love?