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Crushed butts in the grass remind men
People take the shortest cuts
And in passing leave behind them
Pathways marked with Starbucks cups.

Wait! He says, This is an outrage!
Call a meeting, kvetch and moan.
Gather friends to bag up garbage;
It’s replaced before they’re home.

Surely, there exists an answer-
Can’t each one police himself?
When will these cretins serve justice?
While they’re burning trash in hell.


The Power Of Dark Fruit

Your appetite for the exotic is well known:
Not for you the farmstand apple
Or peaches from a neighbor’s tree,
The walk in a sunlit meadow
Or a rime riche.
You have tasted dark fruit.
Growing in the occult regions of the forest,
It surprised you with the sweetness of its second-taste.
Now you will brave stinging nettles,
Carve amphimacer paths,
Drop to your belly like a snake to slink beneath brambles
If only you can have it again.