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#55: A Shakespearean Sonnet

Thou canst but hold me Sonnet one more hour
For I must answer Morpheus’ call anon.
Nectar thoughts lie within night’s Jasmine flower
That girds itself ‘gainst a determined dawn.
Morning’s pernicious fingers stealthy creep
Into the Muse’s garden fecund, green;
They roughly rouse Euterpe from her sleep
Seizing delight in snuffing out her dream.
When man is young, beauty’s the needed sprout-
A rosy cheek, verdant laugh, waves of gold;
Then skin turns, limbs do droop, eyelights go out-
Warm summer hath giv’n way to winter’s cold.
It pleaseth Time to make our words go wrong
So heed early and oft the Siren’s song.


Discontent of Winter

O Muse why have you left me here?
The air is cold; the atmosphere rank.
My sole companions the husks of old poems-
Their breath rattles, their chains clanking
As they pace.
Life’s wintry gales have left them
Thirsty and dry like my skin
And I wonder if you’ll return
With salve and gruel.
One coal of inspiration-
I swear that’s all it would take
To thaw the creative juices
Make fresh my dessicated soul
Let me anticipate the warmth of far-off spring.