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Hello, My Dear

A year ago you came to Russia.
I remember you.
Do you remember
How we made love in your car?
I remember you like it was perfect-
The stars, moon, sky, and the lights of the city.
Here in Russia that does not happen again.
Come to me.
I wait here for my very sweet, my good man.
Come to me.
Drop me to the page.
You want what would be good?
Come to me.
If you don’t mind,
If you want to marry Russian beauty,
Write to me.


Ringing Out The Old (Hopefully)

I can’t believe I’ll be ringing in 2010 like this;
Without so much as a male Yorkie to kiss.
Each January 2nd, I swear I’ll come up with a better plan.
Maybe by the next time
All the stars will align
And I’ll spend New Year’s Eve with a man.


Rebirth And Retribution

In my next life, I’m going to be a big man
And I’m going to drive a big damn truck.
Being rich could only help me;
Having influential friends couldn’t hurt.
Then I could cut off other drivers with impunity
Especially the ones with Christian fish on
Their cars who force folks nearly off the road.
I could say what I wanted too like
“Cover your mouth, you son of a bitch.
No one else wants your germs because
You feel the need to cough.”
I’d take my grocery cart with 47 items and
Unload it in the express lane.
If people griped about it, I’d pay for their items too
Then they’d feel like dirt for complaining.
And, of course, there’d be no problem with my
Picking up young people- who’re sitting on the
Bus in the seats reserved for Honored Citizens- and
Moving them to more appropriate spots;
My influential friends would take care of getting
Any charges dropped or settlements arranged.
For some reason it was my destiny in this life
To be a small woman who drives junkers.
Maybe I’m supposed to learn humility or patience
Or just how to cope with a lot of crap.
But in my next life I’m going to be a big man
And I’ll be making up for lost time.