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Yoma Danio

Have you heard of the Yoma Danio,
The high-jumping fish found in Burma?
They can leap up a foot in the air
And keep doing it over and over.
Unless you want fish of gold flying
Round your room like a Quidditch snitch
When you’re setting your tank up,
Be sure there’s a tight-fitting lid.


To A Brownish Tabby

Canny acrobat with a kitten’s face
Her tricks owe more to luck than grace.
Balancing on three feet, one in the air
Making flawless toes, grooming hair.
Performs some sleight of hand with catnip mice
Then leaps- Eliza crossing ice-
Up toward the armoire, showing off once more;
Target missed she slips to the floor.
Wee cat, when you’re chasing piggies or curled snug on the bed
Who could recall it seeming you’ve not a brain in your head?

(Because tomorrow is Robert Burns’ birthday, I attempted this homage.)