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Waiting For the Light

The Vinson Valega Trio is playing Irving Berlin’s “The Best Thing For Your Would Be Me”.
The car smells of newsprint roll ends and my bought last Thursday peony lipstick.
I am going to town on a drum solo
When I realize the dog in the car ahead of me Is playing the same part
And I should have taken the bass.
A large dog in black and white, it’s clear he’s outgrown his tux,
Has been cajoled to wear it one more time.
“Just because you look so cute.”
Maybe they’ll spring for a new one after today’s gig.
Even as he’s beating time with his tail,
He’s working to keep his front paws on either side of his owner’s head.
The jazz rhythms have stirred in him an excess of saliva-
So often seen today in people hanging between cars and their doors spitting-
And, supposing his owner in the same overexcited predicament,
He would like to help her cool down.
If she would only stop nodding along, he could bestow his extremely damp- but in like measure affectionate- kiss just behind her right ear.