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Flour Sacked

I had an identity crisis in
The baking supply aisle of our Safeway.
I picked up a five pound bag of flour
And visions of possible futures passed
Before my eyes. All I wanted to do
Was make a little white sauce to mix with
Some cheese when I made mac and cheese from scratch.
But now that I stood here holding the bag
It seemed a waste to buy it just for sauce.
I should be baking cookies or even
Make some bread by hand and fill the house with
Warmth and the homey aroma and yet
It’s been at least a generation since
Anyone in my family made bread
Without a machine and although I tried
Years ago I never quite got the knack
And chances were slim I’d be overcome
With the urge to become so domestic
Again. But if I’m unemployed and broke
Shouldn’t I play Martha Stewart to save
Some cash? Sighing I put the bag into
The shopping cart and gave it a good push,
Squared my shoulders determined to move on.


Self Identified

Confucius said to
Call things by their right names is
How wisdom begins.

It’s impossible.
If everything is in flux
You will never know

What to call a thing
Unless it declares itself
And tells you its name.

My name is dazzling
Violet seeker of best words.
How may I know you?