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The gray and tan striped cat lies under the wooden chair.
She’s hoping to grab my father’s chubby toes
Should he dare to pass
Through the hallway from the bedroom
In order to go to the bathroom.
Usually she gets distracted
By a bit of wax in one ear or
By the fur at the end of her tail that’s standing up and needs a lick;
Involved in her grooming, her mission forgotten, she allows my father safe passage.
But now and again- just often enough to keep it interesting- she remembers her goal.
Haunches slightly swaying,
Their inner springs coiled and ready,
Tail held low and straight for balance,
Then she launches herself up and out through the rungs of the chair.
Spying her in mid-flight, my father tries to walk faster.
“Hi, baby,” he coos but it’s too late.
Playfully, the striped cat plunges her claws into his pudgy white foot.
She pulls them back quickly for another swipe,
Drawing out blood and a satisfying shriek.


Invitation (For Ryan)

If you want to learn something new,
Ride or skate on over to the Three-Ten Zoo.
Three-Ten is not a time.
Three-Ten is a place
For learning and fun.
It’s an awesome space!
You can walk through a volcano.
You can slide on a rug,
Fly up to the stars
Or look at a tiny ladybug.
There might be a red-bird’s nest
High up in a tree.
Please come and share the Three-Ten Zoo with me.
We’ll always find something new to do.
I can’t wait to share the Three-Ten Zoo with you!

Ryan picked some words and I took on the challenge of making a poem from them.