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Ouija Warning

The ground is dry. The sun passing bright
Guess what? No snow fell here last night.
I was having Thai lunch with daughter and mother-
Discussing ancient misdeeds of my younger brother-
When Mom gave out an anguished wail.
She’d seen snowflakes amongst the hail.
Our lunch packed up, she high-tailed it home,
Stopping the car in in the loading zone,
She grabbed her to-go box and shouted “Goodbye!
Get home before the flurries start to fly!”
To the library we drove with speed
Stockpiling good stuff for us to read.
Our cupboards and reading list stand at full.
As usual predictions proved to be bull.
Ouija board weather alerts made up by crazies
Tales they create to scare silly old ladies.
Hold on! Here’s another emergency warning:
They meant snow tonight, not last night or this morning.