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Questions And Confidence

“Can you believe there is soup in the kitchen sink?”
My mother poked her head into my room to ask.
“That sounds entirely plausible,” I said, “so, yes.”
“And noodles. Noodles in the kitchen sink drain.”
“That sounds less credible,” I said, “but after all
You are my mother so I choose to believe that too.”
“The next time you are in the kitchen,” she said,
“You can clean all that crap out of the sink and
You can finish loading the dishwasher too.”
“It cheers me to receive that vote of confidence,” I said.
“In a world where our abilities are constantly questioned,
It’s heartening to know my mother believes in me.”
“Never mind all that,” she said, “Hurry yourself along.”
And- because I wanted to be able to savor the sense
Of accomplishment as long as possible- I did hurry along.


I Cain’t Go (Nicole’s Song)

I see blue sky over there but I cain’t go
A little breeze want to ruffle my hair but I cain’t go
I’ve got forty-‘leven dishes and umpty-nine bins
I get ‘em clean and send ‘em out
They come right back again
So creek don’t you whisper my name cuz I cain’t go.

I cain’t go
I cain’t go
Not for bowling pins nor worms nor pizza- I cain’t go
When you’ve got a job to do
You keep going and you push on through
So don’t send the stretch limo for me cuz I cain’t go

A new tire’s on the big oak tree but I cain’t go
Rascal Flatts wants to tour with me but I cain’t go
Ain’t no magic gonna get me to that ball
These pans are dirty, gotta wash them all
Tell Prince Charming not to wait for me cuz I cain’t go