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Sunday 130

Startled awake.
I lie in the dark room
A minute,
Two minutes.
Tiptoeing to the door,
I step into the hallway and listen.
Oh my child, the sound of your slow, steady breathing reassures me
As much tonight as when I stood by your crib
Sixteen years ago.


The Power Of Dark Fruit

Your appetite for the exotic is well known:
Not for you the farmstand apple
Or peaches from a neighbor’s tree,
The walk in a sunlit meadow
Or a rime riche.
You have tasted dark fruit.
Growing in the occult regions of the forest,
It surprised you with the sweetness of its second-taste.
Now you will brave stinging nettles,
Carve amphimacer paths,
Drop to your belly like a snake to slink beneath brambles
If only you can have it again.


Love Is Helvetica

Then it was dark.
It was the anniversary of Picasso’s death.
She was feeling a little blue.
As they walked along the waterfront
She took his hand. She said,
“I want to be clear.
I want my feelings to be transparent.
I want you to know that I love you and
Your name is printed on my heart in Helvetica Bold.”
But her words had no impact.
He dropped her hand and walked away.