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Boys In Their Summer Haircuts

Jason has a Mohawk.
Sam had a Mohawk too.
Sam’s parents were- shall we say- on the bleeding edge of hip:
Sam didn’t just have a Mohawk, his parents had dyed it with Kool-Aid
And his mother had a tattoo on her lower back that read “Property of”.
Jason’s mother seems to be very conservative and traditional.
I don’t think she got him a Mohawk for cultural reasons;
I don’t think she chose that style because of its punk connotations.
I think it’s just the new variation of the shaved-nearly-down-to-your-head cut
My brother used to get every summer because it’s easy to care for.
Now that style has its own connotations;
Reminding us of skinheads and neo-Nazis.
So we have the Mohawk, which has the added benefit of giving the other boys a look to strive to create
Standing in front of the mirror- with some extra help from the sink-
When everyone rushes in from playing in the rain.-


Where I’m From

I’m from Till Death Do Us Part, My wife I think I’ll keep her, and
Sometimes people grow in different directions.
I’m from grape Popsicles and drinking out of the hose.
Kick the can, Adventure, and Sims 2.
My bologna has a first name and I Wanna Be Sedated.
I’m from schmutz, schmuck, schmaltz and schadenfreude.
Sesquipedelian ambitions and pedestrian results.
Cherry pie for breakfast and insulin at bedtime.
Spring rolls and spring training.
Knit one purl one half-double crochet.
Casablanca and That’s Amore.
Songs About Jane and Kurt Cobain.
I’m from Black Power, Gray Power, Fight the Powers That Be.
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
J-O-Y is spelled “Jesus Others You” and “relief” is spelled R O L A I D S.
I’m from Captain Crunch, Captain America and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.
I’m from Isaac Mizrahi and Isaac Newton.
I’m sitting on the third-base side of home plate and I shall watch your future career with great interest.