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I Cain’t Go (Nicole’s Song)

I see blue sky over there but I cain’t go
A little breeze want to ruffle my hair but I cain’t go
I’ve got forty-‘leven dishes and umpty-nine bins
I get ‘em clean and send ‘em out
They come right back again
So creek don’t you whisper my name cuz I cain’t go.

I cain’t go
I cain’t go
Not for bowling pins nor worms nor pizza- I cain’t go
When you’ve got a job to do
You keep going and you push on through
So don’t send the stretch limo for me cuz I cain’t go

A new tire’s on the big oak tree but I cain’t go
Rascal Flatts wants to tour with me but I cain’t go
Ain’t no magic gonna get me to that ball
These pans are dirty, gotta wash them all
Tell Prince Charming not to wait for me cuz I cain’t go