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Today We Learn To Apply Online

Today we learn to apply online. Yesterday,
We created targeted resumes. And tomorrow,
We’ll have acing the interview. But today,
Today we learn to apply online. Columbia Bar
passage requires the aid of specially trained pilots,
And today we learn to apply online.

Suit format to the medium and audience. Proper
Formatting is very important. Echo employers’ words
Without being too obvious. You want them to believe
It’ll be easy for you to fit in. Tillamook particularly
is affected by yearly flooding; It’s located on a flood plain,
It’ll be easy for you to fit in.

Market your specifically matching skills. Communication
Should be kept as impersonal as possible. Removing
Yourself from the equation makes everyone feel better.
No one wants to hear a sad story. Human interaction has caused
a decline in several species of animals on the coast;
No one wants to hear a sad story.

It’ll be easy for you to fit in
If you succeed in removing yourself from the equation-
Without being too obvious- you want them to believe.
Market your specifically matching skills;
Today we learn to apply online.


Wayward Wind

The wind played bashful, at first,
Scraping its toe in the dust at the edge of the playground.
Tossing up bubbles and Cottonwood wishies
Then deftly catching them
They hit the ground.
These tricks met with approval
So the wind grew bolder and more eager for attention.
It tugged at the girls’ skirts and whipped their hair around their faces.
It stole the ball from the four-square game and shoved the kids on trikes.
It egged on fights by taking one child’s words,
Conflating them with another’s,
Subtracting the original meanings
Before hurling the mess into a third child’s face.
The teachers, bullied into an ever-tightening knot,
Announced the end of playtime,
Herded their students up and
Folded them into the warm protection of the classroom.
Alone, the wind howled and kicked at the swings.
But if you don’t play nice, you won’t have any friends at all.

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