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Traffic: An Abecedarium

Anxious about being late
Because of the traffic
Cursing below and above my breath
Dolts who don’t signal
Elderly drivers who signal for miles
Forcing myself to relax
Giving my shoulders a shrug
Hugging myself at stoplights
Ignoring the nosepickers in the next car
Jamming on the brakes
Kicking myself for not leaving sooner
Listening to Wall of Voodoo’s
“Mexican Radio” covered by El Vez
Nudging my speed up
Opening a Diet Coke
Patting the seat dry
Quickening heartbeat and
Relief with the first taste
Sipping carefully
Talking to myself
Urging on the car ahead of me
Vague notions of nonrecidivism
Wondering what’s for lunch
Yelling with joy
Zipping into the lot, slamming the car door, sliding into the building. Safe!