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Summer Book Dive

Chill of the library floor rose to meet her grateful soles.
(The broken flip flop and its mate now slung in the bag on her back.)
Sunlight and fluorescent light filtered through the stacks-
Playing shadows on her face- as she padded among them.
Distracted by a random idea, she lost her footing;
Plunged headfirst into a pool of deep thought
And was gone.


Cornflower Blue

When she opened the box we were her favorites-
Cornflower Blue and Indian Red.
Together we made summer skies and meadows,
Blue baby doll eyes, teddy bears, and hay-filled barns.
Other colors came along and she tried them-
Macaroni and Cheese, Tumbleweed, Tickle Me Pink-
But we were the ones she carried in her pocket
After carefully honing our points with the sharpener in the back of the box.
In ’99 old Indian Red was replaced with Chestnut.
Thistle and Maize went away; their colors and names were too dull.
I’ve hung around as long as I could
Although she peeled off the last of my label several years ago.
Today I got rolled off the table and stepped on.
My pieces were ground into the classroom rug.
Through the window I can see a patch of the sky
She used to think I was the color of.


Bossing The Cat

Yawn then look behind you.
Go into your room and meow.
Stretch and lick your ankle.
Look all around for fuzzy mice.


Corner of 4th and Morrison

Got any change?
Change? Change?
Man in the blue tie- got any change?
Shit, lady. You’re looking so fine.
I know you been eating good. Gimme some change.
Hey, girl. Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr is $6.
You oughta put a quarter of that in my cup.
Better yet, buy me one.
We’ll go to my place, eat it together;
I’ll tell you how I ended up up on this wall asking for change.


Yes, I

love grape Bubble Yum.
not a good bookmark though. guess
who’s covering the fine.