Change Of Heart

When I first saw you I thought you were tasteless.
Yeah, odorless and colorless too. Not worth a second look.
Suitable for washing a car or filling a dog’s dish,
Maybe cooking some food in; definitely not drinking.
But you’ve changed.
In mere moments you’ve gone from blah to brilliant.
So rich
So strong
So dark and mysterious,
Baby, you’ve got my rapt attention.
The other girls were right; full-bodied is the way to go.
I want us spending every morning together and
Maybe a lot of the evenings, too.
I can’t wait to devote hours to learning all about you;
Discovering your every nuance.
From now on it’s gonna be Coltrane- don’t mean Robby- and you and me.
I mean it, baby. You’re a part of me; you flow in my veins.
You’re my life.
My life’s blood.
Most of all, you’re coffee.

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