Dark-haired man in a faded coat
Stood in front of the liquor store,
Glanced up and down the sidewalk, wiped
Moist hands on the back of his jeans.
He looked in through the glass to see
Who’s working behind the counter.
He hopes it’s not Lisa; she’ll know
He’s been in three times this week so
Far and after all there’s only
So much Crunch ‘N’ Munch a man can
Eat without feeling very sick.
Finally he rolled his shoulders,
Pushed open the door and slid in.

The dark-haired man in the tan coat
So busy making sure the coast
Was clear, street around him empty
Never saw me sitting in the
Drive-thru lane at the bank, signing
The back of a check in pencil.
Dropping my card between the door
Of the car and the ATM,
Reaching for it, I bumped my head.
Sweating, I glanced round to make sure
No one had seen me. Just that odd
Man. With a firm grip on the card,
I closed the door and slid it in.

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