Northwestern Gothic: Installment 2

This portion of the story was contributed by @flowersbyfarha AKA Rebecca. Thanks!

So, seeing her as sent from heaven, the Caldwells named her ‘Angela.’ Though in most ways, an ordinary child, they soon noted an unusual flair for music, singing and dancing her way through life. Then one day, her choir teacher, Mrs French, showed Angela a few chords on the piano to demonstrate the progression in the song the class was working on. Angela’s natural talent suddenly blossomed in unexpected ways. Mrs French coached Angela after school and encouraged Angela to perform in the spring concert.

Angela’s musianship was truly a gift from heaven. When she was taunted by schoolmates for her extra fingers, the family reassured her that when she grew up, they would be transplanted to Grandpa Cade’s hand; she would be normal; and, no one would tease her ever again. They did not anticipate this dilemma. With a 6th finger on each hand and heavenly talent, she could play like no other–chords with an extra note and extensions with surpassing speed.

At the concert, the Caldwells sat stunned in an unexpected dilemma: After all these years, they began to wonder, would it be right to transplant Angela’s extra digits to Grandpa? Did she need them after all–or did he? Had the Lord simply taken away, or did He give a double helping?

For the first time in their lives, the Caldwells began to question their interpretation and their assumptions about their faith.

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