Flour Sacked

I had an identity crisis in
The baking supply aisle of our Safeway.
I picked up a five pound bag of flour
And visions of possible futures passed
Before my eyes. All I wanted to do
Was make a little white sauce to mix with
Some cheese when I made mac and cheese from scratch.
But now that I stood here holding the bag
It seemed a waste to buy it just for sauce.
I should be baking cookies or even
Make some bread by hand and fill the house with
Warmth and the homey aroma and yet
It’s been at least a generation since
Anyone in my family made bread
Without a machine and although I tried
Years ago I never quite got the knack
And chances were slim I’d be overcome
With the urge to become so domestic
Again. But if I’m unemployed and broke
Shouldn’t I play Martha Stewart to save
Some cash? Sighing I put the bag into
The shopping cart and gave it a good push,
Squared my shoulders determined to move on.

1 Response to “Flour Sacked”

  1. September 24, 2009 at 10:48

    Thanks for nice words

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