Starting In Silence

Before the beginning
Silence reigned.
There was darkness and order.
All waited.
From the invisible darkness came the visible command,
The conjuration,
A bursting forth of
Sound and
Light and
A rumble of continents forming and re-forming;
Pangea’s birth agonies.
Soul splitting with blue sparks,
Like pilot lights igniting,
Into a million million others.
The many flames and the one
Flashing and dancing on the newly divided waters.
Hot and green and sweet,
The air above them
Filled with plant spores and bird song.
Plants matured and bore fruit that women might do likewise.
Then, footprints dented the fresh earth and trampled the feathery grasses.
They, who had lived in order and silence,
Wrung their hands and cried,
“It is over”.
But other eyes also watched
And from the darkness the sound
Of greedy palm rubbing against its mate.
“No,” she said.
“It has only begun.”

1 Response to “Starting In Silence”

  1. February 15, 2009 at 14:24

    You’re on fire this past week! You think this is pretentious? Then I must be too. The final speaker – is this “Eve?”

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