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The Corsican Anarchist

“Anarchists can live peaceably in France”-
Mr. Sandborn finds them lovable men-
“They feel no urge to riot or harass

Those aren’t means to desirable ends.
For such a small advance the risks are great;
Better to blend in as Republicans.”

In Mr. S’s cafe they’d debate,
Usually the calmer voices would prevail
Once Socialists showed up as it grew late

Fists, canes, umbrellas, chairs soon cleaved the air.
Anarchists showed the Socialists to the door.
No sooner were they out, Gendarmes were there.

“Gentlemen,” said they, “this meeting’s dissolved.”
Mr. S. and his friends were in the street.
Gendarmes turned on the gas, said, “Problem solved.”

Mr. S doesn’t make you pay to eat.
His living depends on your honesty.
Lately he finds it hard to make ends meet

“I loved cooking in Paris,” Mr. Sandborn said to me,
“But in my town in Corsica they grok true anarchy.”