The Exiles

I found three bananas in the white plastic bag.
This is surely the worst place for them.
It means they’ve been lying in the dark,
Breathing their own gases for a week.
They were half-hidden by a roll of paper towels
That I didn’t need until this morning.
There’s hardly any yellow left on their skins.
Their spots are so dark brown now
They seem to dance
Like the ones you see right before you collapse.
Anna and I don’t like bananas- NOKD-
But my mother sent them in a care package
Last week when we had a cold.
They came with good intentions, in other words,
Then we rejected them and forgot them
Like a Whitman sampler without the map.


1 Response to “The Exiles”

  1. January 19, 2009 at 22:34

    Two words of hope: banana. bread. 🙂

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