If You Wanted To Know

If you wanted to know about the transcendent nature of true romantic love
Or the feeling when exactly what you have your hopes pinned on
Turns out to be the thing that happens
And you came to me to ask me what that’s like
Or you wanted a show of examples
I’m afraid I’d have to let you down.
In the area of hopelessness though I could come through in spades.
I don’t mean a disappointment- like the one you may have just suffered-
I’m talking about people to whom the stink of hopelessness clings
Like the dust-cloud trailing Pig Pen.
The woman who’s old enough she lies about her age in order to get a date.
As soon as he finds out-it’s over (How could she be so dishonest?)-
Until she’s brave enough or lonely enough to start the game again.
The woman in the employment office who’s hungry for a job.
Hard to get one when she’s bollocksed-up her history
Staying one jump ahead
Of her hoped-to-be-someday ex
Who right now is just a vengeance-seeking, prone to violence son of a bitch.
The just above minimum wage worker:
His job is leaching his life, killing him by small degrees.
Quitting, of course, would mean losing his health insurance.
He couldn’t afford the drugs that calm him down enough
To keep doing the job in the first place.
The young man in the store buying his first serious business suit.
Seeing that no in fact those chickenpox scars are never going to fade.
People always think they’re acne and mentally, at least, they call him “pizza face”.
It’s something no Saville Row tailor or MBA can distract from.
A five-year-old child who’s…well…normal.
Not special enough to be the teacher’s pet
Nor disruptive enough to have an improvement plan.
Next-to-last chosen all year and peering dimly into the future
This’ll be the status quo till death short of a major life change.
More questions?
I could point out more extras and walk-ons
Playing Despair in Life’s soapy show.
Or you could follow the stink of hopelessness yourself
If you really wanted to know.

1 Response to “If You Wanted To Know”

  1. January 17, 2009 at 01:34

    Yes, there are people like Joe Sptyx (sp?) from Li’l Abner cartoon, who have that cloud that hangs over their lives, who even try to be happy, find the silver lining that somehow manages to tarnish, that even when they try to turn over a new leaf, manage to dig up the maggots beneath.

    We can only do the best we can to help when/where needed/wanted/able and stay out of the way the rest of the time.

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