For David (Blue Bus Again)

Your empty bus was under the streetlight
As I drove by tonight
And it made me wonder how you’ve been
Since the day I brought you coffee in the rain.
I walked by twice; you were still there
So I offered you my help.
You took a cup of coffee (no cream, two sugars instead).
You told me no one else had stopped or even spoken
And we wondered what’s wrong with people nowadays.
Half-deaf now from the tanks,
You said you loves you some bluegrass and country-
After all, you’ll always be a mountain boy from Tennessee.
Still feeling mighty low you hadn’t managed to keep your wife.
You and your old bus have been coast to coast three times.
I hugged you when I left, some people would call that crazy,
And we said maybe sometime we’d meet again.
You probably wouldn’t know me from Adam.
(I remember your name was David.)
But tonight the streetlight shone on your empty bus
And it made me wonder how you’ve been.


1 Response to “For David (Blue Bus Again)”

  1. January 4, 2009 at 23:04

    I really, really like that! Excellent! No wonder you win awards! 🙂

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