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Is This What Csikszentmihalyi Meant By Flow?

There are days lately- it’s happening more and more-
When I’m thinking I must be losing my mind
Because everything that happens from the traffic
To Fatima griping
To the meter of an answer to an e-mail
Has a definite rhythm
As if my life was a poem,
As if our words and actions were music,
As if the day was already composed and now the famous conductor was just leading us through our pages.
So, I know when the bus is going to pull out in front of me
And I can predict which kid will be the next to act up;
Even the most stressful days feel almost like dancing
And it’s the ones that are out of rhythm that give me a headache.
It’s the way things glide past when you’re tipsy and are still a long way from drunk.
If I could relax, I think this state could be wonderful;
It’s just so effin’ weird.