Unfinished Portrait

You can still see the division line near the middle of his face,
Off-kilter as if his creator was in a hurry to get him out.
His arms and legs are undrawn.
He has no mouth.
He’s missing lashes and brows so communicating even by facial expression is impossible.
Frustration, boredom, or lunch?
What caused the drawing to cease abruptly?
Maybe a lack of empathy for the subject?
His intelligence is like a dandelion-
Ideas floating like fluff out the top of his open head.
They take root in fertile ground, make money for others then spread like wildflowers.
For years he has cultivated stupidity,
Trying to stomp out the growth of his weedy brain.
That’s a task made much harder because his artist, as I’ve said,
Didn’t spare the time to give him hands or feet.


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