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Unbeautiful Morning

I have breakfast with her every morning.
I’ve done that for ten years.
I’m the only one that does it.
Now, I’m not complaining.
I’ll be old myself someday,
Probably sooner than I think,
But there comes a time, you know,
Where you work so hard to make somebody happy-
An old person, a baby, anyone really-
You start losing who you are.
That’s where I am now because that’s who I am.
I was over at her house this morning.
Right before I left, she said-
Do you know what she said?
She said to me, “Eggs, eggs, eggs, damn all eggs.
And the chickens can fry in hell.”
So that’s the end of it.
I’m not going back.

But it’s from a play.
It’s from “A Raisin in the Sun”.
She was quoting.

I don’t care.
I won’t go back.
Even Jesus wouldn’t take that kind of abuse.